Hello, I'm Yannick.

I make great web- and mobile apps and 2d/3d games. I love Phaser, React, Redux, Ionic, Node, Express, MongoDB, Docker, Jenkins, AWS, Nginx and Ubuntu.

I use JavaScript and TypeScript since the release of modules in ECMAScript 6. I love Phaser and published a lot of examples and 2 advanced templates on github. At the moment I'm working on enable3d.io, a 3D objects and physics extension for Phaser 3. It is based on three.js (the most famous WebGL based 3D library for the web) and ammo.js, a direct port of the Bullet physics engine to JavaScript using Emscripten. I have also developed and am maintaining the package geckos.io, which offers real-time client/server communication over UDP using WebRTC and Node.js. Usually when I build web or mobile apps, I use React (client-side or isomorphic). For this purpose I built two nice libraries called react-to-static-or-ssr and ionic-react-typescript-starter. There is also a great template for using Handlebars with Server Side Rendering or generating Static HTML files called handlebars-to-static-or-ssr. For deployment, I almost always use AWS for hosting Docker containers, serving files via S3 and CloudFront and do all the other important stuff. MongoDB is my database of choice.

If you want to support my work become a patreon and/or follow me on github.